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What is Bears on Patrol?  It's a program that started almost 30 years ago and supplies patrol officers with teddy bears to give to children to ease their fears when faced with trauma.  

How do the bears help the child and the Officer?  "Being able to calm a child down with a teddy bear makes me feel good, as though I was helping them more than just trying to explain to them what was going on. Small children who are not directly involved in a situation but witnessed or was just present experience a level of stress they don’t understand. Getting a toy, like a teddy bear, helps to calm their nerves more than an adult ever could." KCPD Officer Hamil

Why this program is so important:   KCPA has been the exclusive donor to the Bears on Patrol program for the past 20+ years! 

When do we donate?  We present the Kansas City Police Department with our donations each October during our annual Vendor Showcase.  

Total Donations from KCPA: The total amount of our donations have not always been tracked, but as you can see below, our numbers are on the rise each year and we are blown away by our members and their efforts for this drive!  

2023:  4,107 Bears

2022: 3,228 Bears

2021: 4,762 Bears

2020: 2,637 Bears

2019: 2,867 Bears

2018: 3,259 Bears

2017: 1,420 Bears

2013: 300 Bears

2008: 1,417 Bears

1990-2007: 3,258 Bears 

Need help getting your firm involved? 

Reach out to Erin Hessenflow, Co-Chair of the Pro Bono & Community Service Section for tips and tricks.  

2023 Bears On Patrol Traveling Trophy Winners:

Small Firm - Meyerkord Russell & Hergott - 640 Bears

Medium Firm - Berkowitz Oliver - 474 Bears

Large Firm - Stinson- 254 Bears

Vendor - Lexitas - 350 Bears

Special thank you to ChartSquad, they were not able to be in attendance at the 2023 Vendor Showcase but they donated 1,500 Bears! 

Download a flyer to circulate around your office HERE

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